Patient information

A lot of information on different aspects of health care problems is available on the internet today. The question for the patient is no longer how to get information but how to evaluate the value of the information presented on the internet. Whom can we trust?
There are some criteria which help to critically select information:

  • Is the information updated? Check whether the web site is updated. Is there a date on the page?
  • What is the origin of the information? Who has generated the content of the web site?
  • How is the general appearance of the web site? Can you easily find the information needed? Does it have a serious and neat appearance?

It is necessary to browse through different sources and to read a lot. This enables you to compare different information. Whatever information you select as important you should discuss with your medical doctor. The easiest way to do that is to print out the information and to take it with you when you visit your doctor next time.

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